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We’re currently in a challenging recruitment environment. The question is how to react to the surge of new jobs and available positions in the market. The Department of Labor reported opening 10.3 million jobs in November 2022.

We spoke with our colleagues and employees about how they’ve adjusted to the changes in the market and the recruitment strategies they’ve adopted.

These are some of the top hiring insights from our executives:

Prospective Talents Is Choosing To Stay Closer To Home

With 10.3 million jobs spread far and wide and multiple remote working options, many candidates prefer to stay closer to home. Those who have become accustomed to the pace of working from home have moved to entirely new geographies. If you’re interested in bringing your teams back to in-person mode, you’ll need to advertise this to your potential recruits from now on.

The New Recruitment Methods And Agile Work Pace Has Challenged Leaders In The Workplace

The leadership priorities have evolved. After almost 19 months of remote work, leaders have adapted to inspire and build teams even from halfway around the world. It has challenged them in ways no one could have ever imagined. Today, adding valuable experience is crucial for organizational growth and reputation. However, as leaders try virtual hiring, they’re struggling to build trust, relationships, and culture. And these are vital factors for long-term success.

As you begin searching for your executive-level positions, be informed that the factors will influence your final offer to the candidates.

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The Need For Transparency In The Recruitment Process

After decades of awareness campaigns and call for diversity, many non-profits and organizations fall short of their promises to recruit talent based on merit and diversity and eliminate biases in the hiring process. That’s why many recruitment firms are supporting clients who advocate transparency in their recruiting processes, pool creation, and selection.

Now board members, leadership representatives, and C-Suite executives are more inclined to bring positive change and increase diversity at the seniority levels. According to the hiring insights from our executives, this will surely help:

  1. Bring more inclusive practices
  2. Strengthen transparent hiring procedures
  3. Develop policies to benefit and protect their organization’s diverse community

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