Although we associate New York with the vibrant cosmopolitan city instead of agriculture, New York’s agricultural industry accounts for 3.6 billion and more than 35,000 farms. It also ranks third in cauliflower, maple syrup, wine, grapes, and milk, second in cabbage and apples, and first in cottage cheese production. The total farmland covers 7.8 million acres of quality fertile soil growing various fruit and cash crops.

The agriculture sector immensely contributes to the quality of life in New York by producing wholesome foods to nourish our families and generating economic activity in the region. Therefore, the success of this pivotal sector hinges on strategic decision-making and visionary leadership.

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The agricultural industry in New York is crucial to the economy and is greatly impacted by climate change and global warming. Currently, climate change is a major concern for agricultural sectors around the globe, especially for agrarian economies. It can cause crops to become vulnerable to insects, heightened weeds, and diseases, compromising crop productivity.

For example, temperature and weather fluctuations can disrupt the apple harvest and storage procedure and maple syrup production process by preventing the syrup from thickening at the right consistency. Moreover, it adversely affects the livestock due to heat stress. Extreme weather changes also affect water supply, rainfall, and soil fertility, affecting overall crop production.

Therefore, we understand that you need to rely on exceptional C-level executives who understand the intricacies of crop production, logistics, and storage to accelerate business growth.

We have the expertise to identify and screen top-notch talent, so you don’t have to. Our recruitment consultants specialize in finding the right fit for your agricultural business, who can improve your production operations, optimize supply chains, and embrace sustainable practices to generate more revenue for your business.

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