We could go on and on about reasons why Albany is so fantastic. But what really stands out are the families, communities, cultures, and hard-working, down-to-earth individuals committed to preserving history and legacy. Albany got the All-American City honor in 1991 and 2009, which is no surprise due to its American heritage.

One of the most significant locations in Albany is the Empire State Plaza, which serves as New York State’s administrative center and is a remarkably large one at that. And since Albany is the state’s capital, it carries a heavy crown in the form of this incredible building and 98 acres of Capitol and State Museum buildings. You can expect to see a lot of suits here because this is where business is conducted, especially during business hours.

Albany sits on the western bank of the Hudson River. And because of its vibrant urban downtown, it’s regarded as one of the best places to live in the state. It also boasts beautiful architecture, higher educational opportunities, and diverse culture.

The current unemployment rate may be higher than the national average, but due to exponential industrial growth, future job opportunities are expected to increase in the upcoming years. Since Albany is the state capital, more than one-third of the population works for the government. However, large tech companies are also moving into the landscape and providing employment opportunities.

The top industries in Albany include financial services, technology, construction, manufacturing, education, healthcare, and government. Besides that, St. Peter’s Health Partners, GE, IBM, and the University of Albany are one of the largest employers in the area after the state government.

Due to the influx of tech startups, insurance companies, and banks in the area, the city has received the nickname “Tech Valley,” making it an attractive location for leaders and executives to find professional jobs.

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