Buffalo, New York, is the second-largest city in New York State, known as the City of Good Neighbors. And due to its business environment, it ranks in the top ten cities in the United States for international trade. It’s also one of the three cities in the United States with a radial street pattern.

It’s a great place to live and work. It’s also home to many Frank Lloyd houses, art galleries, businesses, retail outlets, and tourist attractions. The people here have worked hard to capitalize on its strength, which is its natural resources and location, to build a diversified economy based on computer equipment manufacturing, high-technology, life science and services, and financial services as three major banks have built their headquarters in Buffalo.

Buffalo is home to its major manufacturing business, the flour industry, and automotive parts manufacturers. However, it has now been focusing on building the “Byte Belt” of seven hundred tech companies in the region. The Information Technology Council encouraged and facilitated the growth of tech companies in the area. They’ve installed extensive fiber optic networks that are a major attraction to tech entrepreneurs, making it one of the most wired municipalities in the United States.

Located about 25 miles from Niagara Falls, Buffalo is part of Western New York and is one of the state’s centers of high technology and research. It also has a healthy retail sector environment supporting the region’s economy. Since it’s situated so close to the world’s premier attractions that draw millions of tourists annually, it’s a must-see location for tourists as well. It’s also near Ontario, Toronto, which is less than two hours away from Buffalo. Therefore, tourists who visit Niagara Falls may also visit theatres, art galleries, and shops in Buffalo, which significantly add to Buffalo’s economy.

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