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Employers have always struggled to find qualified and talented individuals in a tight labor market, while job seekers constantly wrestle with job applications and interviews left, right, and center. These two groups have a difficult time being able to connect. The best thing that can help them is a skilled and experienced matchmaker, such as an executive recruitment firm.

Recruitment agencies help corporations find and hire talented workers while helping job seekers find work that suits their skills and preferences at the same time. However, experienced recruitment firms such as Cochran, Cochran, and Yale do a lot more than just match people with jobs.

They perform many different tasks, and most organizations don’t have the resources, expertise, or time necessary to be able to manage numerous functions. These include long-term and short-term recruiting and staffing, executive search, training and onboarding, proper background checks, benefits and payroll, and outsourcing different HR operations.

The recruiting industry gets around $23 billion in revenue every year. They help place workers in almost every type of industry and occupation, with most of them ending up in the industrial sector, managerial and professional, engineering, scientific and IT, and healthcare.

Here’s everything an executive recruitment firm can do for you:

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Why hire an agency?

Several different factors will determine your decision to hire a professional corporate matchmaker. Some of these factors will include the number of positions that need to be filled, how quickly they need to be filled, how often you require recruiting and hiring services, your budget, the kind of candidates that you want to hire, and your in-house capabilities.

Provide you with years of experience

Recruitment agencies usually have a high level of expertise that far exceeds what most companies have in their HR department. These agencies have unique and specialized experience and knowledge dealing with employment trends, the labor market, networking, job posting tactics, candidate interviewing and screening, labor laws, industry-specific requirements and skills, and recruiting and staffing technology.

Speed things up

Agencies can work at an accelerated pace and expedite the candidate searching process. Many experienced agencies can provide companies with skilled workers within 24 hours because they have access to a huge pool of talented candidates. Head hunters can also find and lure in top talent for companies because they have in-depth knowledge about the occupations and industries they specialize in. A high-quality agency has all the technology, systems, and process required to be able to respond to client needs as soon as possible.


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Provide greater access to talent

Recruitment agencies have incredible access to skilled and talented candidates, usually more than what employers have. They’ve built strong relationships with candidates that have already been identified and pre-screened to be motivated, dependable, experienced, and skilled. Hiring an executive search firm will provide you with access to a huge pool of top-quality talent that’s completely vetted and continues to grow over time. You wouldn’t usually have access to this type of pool if you relied on your in-house recruiters alone.

Usually, the best talent isn’t actively searching for something new—agencies are much better at identifying and engaging passive candidates into switching jobs and finding something better.

Save your precious time

Time is money—this is a phrase that we’ve all heard throughout our lives, and there’s a reason that it’s stuck around for so long. Instead of wasting your time doing something you aren’t well-versed in, it’s better to focus on what you excel at and profit from.

One of the top reasons why companies hire recruiting agencies is to save time. Finding, screening, vetting, interviewing, hiring, training, and onboarding employees requires a lot of time, something that most in-house HR departments aren’t able to handle. A staging agency can help employers save significant amounts of time by managing and taking care of the whole process. You’ll also be able to have the confidence that by the end of this, you will have a reliable worker who’s highly likely to stick around for a long time.


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Save your resources and money

One major benefit of working with an executive search firm is the amount of money that companies can save in the long run. As a business, you’ll be able to decrease your overhead HR costs since the agency will be managing all the pre-employment and post-employment tasks, such as payroll, workers’ compensation, benefits administration, and drug screening.

Over time, the new talent that you hire with the help of the agency is going to benefit your company and more than makeup for the cost of hiring.

Increase employee retention

New hires are usually rather risky and expensive. With the help of data gathered by experienced agencies, employers have a better way of measuring and influencing employee performance, engagement, and productivity to be able to save money and time, reduce employee turnover, and improve their brand and corporate culture.

Boost growth

When you work with a hiring agency handling all your recruitment and staffing functions, you can put more of your focus on growth and core business functions. On top of that, you’ll be able to get access to top talent that can help the company meet its goals.

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Buying and selling businesses

Top recruitment companies such as Cochran, Cochran, and Yale do more than just help connect employers with potential employees; they also provide a wide range of different advisory services that can help companies make the best possible decisions, especially when they don’t have the experience to be able to do it alone.

M&A services provide shareholders, families, management, and all other interested parties with the best possible results.

Their selling approach is to evaluate organizations and understand their business thoroughly to be able to position it for sale. Some pre-offering activities include focusing on different strategies that help maximize value in the event of a sale. Their professionals help with different valuation and marketing strategies while providing guidance and soliciting offers.

Their buying approach is to identify different targets that are a perfect fit for different strategic objectives, such as culture, geography, industry, and finances. Their team will help the company with negotiation, valuation, and integration.

The best strategies are always developed at the outset. With years of experience, an executive recruiting firm will be able to identify all the appropriate tactics that drive success.

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Our New York executive recruiters can help you out

If you’re looking for an executive job search NY that you can rely on, Cochran, Cochran, and Yale has got you covered. We provide a wide range of services, including CFO job search service, leadership recruiting services, and candidate assessment services by testing candidate performance under pressure, interpersonal style, and behavior. We make sure to deliver talent that sticks around—while companies usually measure their retention in months, we’re able to measure in years.

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