A woman speaking during a meeting.

Although more women have entered the ranks of corporate America’s top C-suite executives in the past five years, they remain grossly underrepresented across all levels of the industry. No matter your position, you can play a vital role in helping women succeed in your company.

Here are some steps you can take to empower women at your workplace:

Amplify women’s voices during meetings

Working mothers in today’s virtual workplace face unique challenges when they must care for children while participating in video conferences. Around 45% of all women CEOs claim they have trouble raising their voices during online conferences. Since video technology makes it harder to understand non-verbal clues, talking over women is even more pronounced during online meetings.

Women tend to get sidelined during meetings and, ultimately, the decision-making process in many companies. It’s important to encourage female employees at all levels to actively contribute during meetings. Beware of women getting interrupted and, if you must, pose questions and ask for their opinions directly.

Colleagues talking during a meeting.

Clearly communicated and regular feedback

Positive criticism and regular feedback are powerful tools for boosting women’s self-esteem on the job. Women in the workforce can benefit from constructive feedback that highlights both accomplishments and areas for improvement.

The continuous competitive spirit needed to break the glass barrier may often lead to tense dynamics in the workplace, especially among women. By giving other women encouragement and praise in the workplace, you may help dispel the myth that success is possible for only one woman at a time.

Encourage diversity in leadership roles

Changing the status quo requires diversity at the top. If there are no women in leadership roles, then women’s perspectives won’t be heard or considered. Only 44 of the Fortune 500 corporations had female CEOs in 2022, an increase of 12 more since 2017.

Women’s representation among C-suite executives improves the company’s bottom line and productivity, according to several studies. It also results in improved financial returns for investors. The best way to foster a welcoming and secure workplace, as well as boost productivity and morale, is to give a platform to a wide range of employees’ perspectives at the executive level.

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