Job seeker, this is your day.
Seize it.

Talent War 2.0 is on.
The rules have changed forever.
Few have come to accept this reality.
This is your opportunity.

Every proven, well-equipped executive has the opportunity for exponential growth in this moment. It’s a time for shortening your career path, leapfrogging the competition, and optimizing your advancement. The winners of Talent War 2.0 will be those who see the opportunity through the chaos. Let CCY be your guide.
(Candidates never pay a fee at CCY.)

Your Advocate in the Hidden Job Market

The highest-potential opportunities aren’t posted publicly. They’re confidential, carefully guarded, and accessed through relationships. Your personal network and bandwidth can only get you so far. And there’s so much noise. Cochran, Cochran & Yale has access — often exclusive — to high-potential career opportunities via relationships forged over 40 years, hundreds of top-performing c-suite placements, and quantifiable results. Our clients know the caliber of our candidates, they take our calls, and they consider the people we present. As your executive advocate, we’ll identify the positions worth fighting for, and we’ll actively market the value you represent.

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Maximize Your Career Potential

To leverage current job market conditions to your advantage, you’ll need to do a few things.

  • Sustain your performance in your existing position.
  • Document your ideal trajectory.
  • Own your value proposition.
  • Get your candidate brand in order.
  • Minimize time spent on your job search.
  • Bypass the application system.
  • Maximize the impact of each introduction.
  • Slay the interview process.
  • Quantify cultural alignment.
  • Advocate for the right compensation.

You can do all this on your own.
Or you can partner with CCY. For free.

CCY as Executive Career Advocates

High-Potential Opportunities

Compete for the positions that are too valuable to post publicly.

Direct Line to Leadership

Skip applications and connect directly with decision-makers.

Preparation & Positioning

We set expectations for both candidate and interviewer to foster success.

Compensation Insight

Find alignment between what you need, what you can get, and who will offer it.

The Cochran, Cochran & Yale Difference

40 Years of Success

Through four decades of constant change, we’ve learned how to adapt, and fast. CCY is the talent partner this moment demands.

Proprietary Assessment

By testing candidate behavior, performance under pressure, and interpersonal style, we achieve alignment in both skillset and mindset.

Exceptional Retention

CCY delivers talent that sticks. Most companies measure retention in months. We measure ours in years.