An executive manager smiling

Influential leaders don’t need an introduction. They have an air about them that makes you feel safe and confident that their business is in good hands. As professional executive recruiters, we know what makes a powerful leader stand out from the rest.

After years of interviewing qualified candidates, here are some habits of success that we’ve seen in influential leaders:

Rather than focusing on problems, they find answers

Putting the blame on someone else is never the answer to any problem, whether it is an administrative failure, a customer complaint, or any other issue. Pointing fingers is a distraction that chips away at teams’ efficiency and productivity. A good leader would first try to find a solution and only then dig into the problem’s origins to reduce the likelihood that it will arise again.

They take pride in the achievements of others

Regardless of how confident someone is, they will always value positive feedback on an accomplishment they are proud of. People like it when you acknowledge their achievements. Moreover, it is not enough to only express gratitude—you must also demonstrate genuineness and intent. Artificial and empty praise weakens the bond. A leader’s ability to genuinely value others sets them apart from managers who rarely notice their team’s accomplishments.

An executive manager helping their team members

Their goal is long-term prosperity

Leaders that achieve lasting success know that their teams need to be fully invested in order to achieve their goals. It’s not easy to do, but the results are well worth the trouble. Rather than chasing short-term gains, great leaders consistently look ahead, building something that will last.

Recruit the most qualified candidates

Leadership is not about having the most talent on your team but rather about attracting and retaining top talent to produce outstanding results. Good leaders understand this and are not afraid to surround themselves with experts in their field. They aren’t driven to excel in every area of life—they recognize the importance of having a finely-balanced team of experts in different areas of work.

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