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When most businesses shifted their operation online because of the pandemic two years ago, we realized that people could still deliver quality work remotely. And like other business operations, talent acquisition went virtual. During this process, the human resource specialist uses AI software to sift through applications and find the most suitable candidate. And out of those candidates, a few are interviewed.

Until the pandemic, interviews were scheduled in person. However, online interviews have also been widely accepted. But are they suitable for C-Suites and here to stay? Let’s find out.

The C-Suite Position Is Risky And Has High Stakes

While virtual hiring is convenient and adequate, it isn’t a  proper substitute for in-person meetings. You walk down the hallways, shake hands, make eye contact with people, and talk over coffee or lunch. These in-person meetings and activities help the board and executives assess the leadership qualities, presence, and style

Since C-Suites are high-stakes positions, assessing the candidates is essential and it can be hard to do that over the phone.

Online Hiring Has Been Successful In Most Organizations

While some organizations have found the acquisition process challenging, others have thrived. Many companies in the IT sector have resorted to online interviews for hiring staff in two-years time. However, many companies have seen their share of failure with virtual hires.

However, the best practice is assessing the candidate through psychographic tools and rigorous cross-questioning to foster integration and cross-cultural understanding.

Virtual Hiring Is Here To Stay For Low And Mid-Tier Roles

Virtual hiring in 2023 is no doubt cost-effective for low and mid-tier roles. And companies that are now operating on a hybrid and agile work model prefer using Zoom interviews for preliminary phases and then having an in-person interview in the final stages. This can help you save time and cost by scheduling more meetings in a day and forgoing traveling time.

So, it’s predicted that balancing the two hiring methods will become a norm in a post-pandemic world.

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