4 Tips to Make Your Resume More Appealing to Recruiters

It’s common for job seekers to tailor their resume so it’s appealing to a larger audience, but recruiters who search resume databases are looking for people qualified for one specific job.

A one-size-fits-all resume is less likely to be found in database searches, and it will seem less relevant whenever it is read by a recruiter.

Here are four tips to make your resume more appealing to recruiters:

1. Be Specific, Use Keywords

Pursue one specific job that’s a match for your skill set and overall experience, and emphasize your ability to hit the ground running. Recruiters use specific keywords in resume database searches so search similar job openings and make sure that they’re not defined differently. Utilize those keywords in your resume.

2. Job Title

Can you describe your work experience in one sentence? An appealing job title or career snapshot will give you a better chance to be discovered in database searches. It’s an opportunity to sum up your most relevant skills and experience.

3. Hard, Soft Skills

Make sure your professional skills are prominent at the top of your resume so recruiters can view them quickly. In this fast-paced technology world, be sure to include hard skills like industry-relevant software programs or apps too. Be sure to include soft skills like work ethic, reliability and integrity too.

4. Professional Experience

Reinforce your professional experience, include examples of your accomplishments and convey how you can make a difference in the open position. Employers prefer job seekers who get things done and take great pride and joy in what they do. Your resume should reflect your accomplishments and enthusiasm for your career.

Career Coaching Process

Can you describe to a potential employer, or recruiter, what it is that you have to offer? Do you know what you deserve in terms of compensation? Are you looking to become a better decision maker or struggling to find a new career path?

If you struggle in answering these questions, our career coaching services at CCY will help you in:

  • Career planning
  • Resume building
  • Salary negotiation
  • Evaluating skill sets
  • Interviewing skills

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