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CEOs play a vital leading role in organizations. They are the professionals that others rely on to steer the businesses toward achieving their goals. However, this also makes them the company figurehead with the most pressure placed on them.

Whenever a company goes through turbulent times, it is up to the CEO to help navigate through via strong leadership. Let’s examine some vital leadership techniques that every CEO should be capable of.

1. Communicating Clearly

As leaders, CEOs must understand situations, strategize, and then communicate the actions to be performed clearly. This clear communication is vital because numerous departments rely on the CEO for guidance.

Any company where the CEO is poor at communicating is likely to suffer during difficult times. The various company departments will lack the necessary guidance and may make mistakes in an attempt to come up with solutions themselves.

For this reason, every CEO should strive to remain transparent when discussing difficult matters. They must also keep up with regular communication as it helps them stay in the loop and ensure that activities proceed as originally intended. Consultants at New York executive recruitment firms encourage CEOs to improve their communication skills for these reasons.

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2. Demonstrating Adaptability

Large companies can be complex organizations consisting of numerous departments that rely on one another regularly. Managing such organizations can be challenging, but their size also means they are capable of averting disaster under the right leadership.

When a significant issue occurs in one department, the CEO can help the other departments adapt to temporary operational measures while the issue is corrected. However, to do this, the CEO must be able to demonstrate their own adaptability.

This includes being able to create a plan that keeps the organization functioning during challenges quickly. It also entails being able to steer the company in a different direction based on immediate needs.

This is why anyone undertaking a senior executive job Search in NY must demonstrate adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges.

3. Displaying Empathy

As company leaders, CEOs are often viewed as being out of touch with the average employee. This is true more often than not.

In many cases, this disconnect can be due to the company’s structure. After all, a leader with numerous managers under them is unlikely to know about the day-to-day challenges ordinary workers face. However, it is possible to overcome this disconnect and display empathy for these workers.

CEOs can perform rounds of various company departments and speak with the workers in each one. This allows them to not only understand key worker concerns but also display empathy. Having a leader who understands you and demonstrates their commitment to helping you during difficult times helps keep up worker motivation. This, in turn, helps the company work through challenges.

4. Managing Risks

Managing risks is also vital during turbulent times. To do this, CEOs must first call for risk assessments and then prioritize each risk. They must then engage in extensive scenario planning to help avert the most severe risks or mitigate their potential impact.

CEOs should also be open to the idea of diversifying products or services to avert certain risks. This helps diversify the organization’s revenue streams and stay better protected during market turndowns.

A great CEO will also plan for business continuity in the face of disruptions. This planning helps the business maintain resilience when difficult times inevitably arrive.


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5. Managing Costs

Managing costs is one of the most difficult things for companies to do during turbulent times. A supply chain disruption or a sudden drop in sales can lead to organizations incurring more costs than usual. During such events, it is vital for the CEO to find ways to manage costs without sacrificing the company’s long-term sustainability.

This includes being able to prioritize essential costs and implement cost-reduction plans quickly. It also involves making tough decisions related to reducing staff.

Cost management is a core leadership technique that puts many leaders through their paces and demonstrates their organization’s resilience. For this reason, just about every C-suite executive recruitment service looks for candidates with cost management skills.

6. Exploring Partnerships

Organizations don’t just grow internally; they can also expand their reach through partnerships, collaborations, and mergers. Such strategic partnerships may be necessary for a company that is incapable of getting through a particularly difficult rough patch. However, it is up to the CEO to decide when it is time to reach out to another organization or entity for assistance.

For this reason, the CEO should possess a firm understanding of partnerships and how they will impact the company. Being open to collaboration is a positive quality, but performing something as significant as a merger requires a careful understanding of the process and its potential outcomes.

Company CEOs should, therefore, explore partnerships and consider them only after becoming certain that it is the right path forward.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, CEOs must utilize several leadership techniques to help their companies navigate through turbulent times. Finding CEOs who possess these qualities and can perform the strategies described above isn’t easy. However, you can increase your odds of hiring reliable C-level staff for your company by reaching out to our consultants at Cochran, Cochran & Yale.

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