A Proven Mergers & Acquisitions Perspective

When it comes to M&A, every aspect of the sale is an opportunity for optimization. Nothing should be left to chance. When your future depends on organizations coming together through mergers and acquisitions, or on the outcome of a separation or divestiture, it pays to have perspective. Through 40 years of experience, insight, and data, CCY’s M&A advisors uncover value across the stages of a deal and leverage technology to achieve maximum gain.

Maximize Your M&A Investment

Whether you are selling or buying a business, we ensure your return is maximized. You have put in the effort to build your business; don’t let time and money go to waste when it comes to selling your company or when looking to acquire a business.

Your M&A Advocate

We are here for you as our client. We do not work on a commission or get paid with transactional fees. Our goal is to create and find value from your company through enhancements—operational, human capital or financial. We dig deep to help sellers get more and buyers see the opportunities.

Trusted Advisors

CCY has over 40 years experience providing M&A advisory services. We work with both ownership and management on KPIs including expenses, gross sales, contribution margin, BE analysis, AP & AR aging, cash flow, productivity/operational excellence/benchmarking and more. We advise on operational enhancements, performance dashboards, sales and marketing strategies, profitability and human capital costs.

M&A Support for Peace of Mind

The strategic support, guidance and resources you need to facilitate a successful business sale, merger or acquisition. Our support lets you rest assured your trusted business assets are in good hands and the right strategic decision will be made during the M&A process. Our track record of success with business sales, mergers and acquisitions speaks volumes and provides our clients peace of mind.

Inquire about M&A Advisory

Merger and Acquisition Services

A thorough set of merger and acquisition services to meet your needs. Key strategic advice on prepping to sell, buy or merge with another company.

The CCY Merger and Acquisition Process

1. Initial Meeting and Free Consultation

You meet with an M&A consultant to start the evaluation process and determine if we are a good fit to work together. We evaluate business, culture , goals and objectives at the start of an engagement. Only by knowing “the facts” and the goals of ownership can we best serve and craft a results oriented strategy.

merger and acquisition process at CCY

merger and acquisition process - business assessments

2. Business Assessments

A thorough review of the business involved in the transaction, reviewing key financials, the brand, goodwill, the team and all parts of the company impacting the sale.

3. Negotiations and Contracts

Support during the contract development and through the negotiation process. This is a critical part of closing the deal and you can leverage our years of experience negotiation and successful contract.

merger and acquisition process negotiations and contracts

merger and acquisition process - closing the deal

4. Closing the Deal

Helping you through the details and the closing of the deal. We work with your broker and other team members to support the transaction.

5. Post M&A Support

The work after the deal closes can be as challenging as the pre-sale work. Our support continues after the transaction to insure your company’s success in the longterm.

merger and acquisition service - post M&A support