Merger & Acquisition Services

CCY provides a full range of strategic advisory M&A services to companies. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, whether it be for a company sale, merger, or any other aspect of M&A. We have a team of seasoned professionals to assist with this process.

Buy and Sell Businesses

In buying or selling, our M&A services work with all stakeholders including shareholders, management, family, and anyone else concerned to be certain that the best results are obtained for all interested parties.

Selling—Our approach is to strategically evaluate an organization at the outset of an engagement to understand the business in order to best position the company for sale. Our pre-offering activities are focused on strategies to maximize value for shareholders in a sale event. Our professionals assist with valuation and proven go-to-market strategies and provide guidance in the process of soliciting offers, diligence and all aspects of a successful transaction.

Buying—Our team assists with identification of targets that fit a buyers strategic objectives, including financial, industry, geography and culture. Our team will assist with valuation, negotiation and integration.

We believe that no matter what transaction a client may be entertaining, strategy is best developed at the outset. Working with management and ownership, the development of a strategy with the appropriate tactics for implementation will drive success. Working in a culture of accountability will help to insure our clients’ success.

M&A Services - Buy and Sell Businesses

M&A Services - Succession Planning and Exit Strategies

Succession Planning and Exit Strategies

Our succession planning skills have stemmed from over 40 years in the executive search space—and we have found that over 73% of organizations do not have any kind of succession plans in place for particular leaders. Succession planning can become important to a sole business owner or group of owners, and can mean the acquisition or buyout of that organization, with which we provide strategic assistance.

Our M&A services include advisement for companies or investors on proper exit strategies, assisting them in making the right moves to recoup the most for themselves or their organizations. For small to medium-sized businesses, the majority of wealth of the owner-operator, CEO or president can be tied up in that company. In such situations, it is of vital importance to gain top dollar in exit strategies.

Restructuring and Turnaround

Restructuring can come in a number of forms—anything from restructuring a sales department to a complete organization in the entirety of their operations. Restructuring most often dovetails into the turnaround sphere, in which we work with organizations to bring them once again to profitability. This might mean a new strategic direction, or raising capital for machinery or materials—anything entailed in assisting them to become a lucrative entity once again.

M&A Services - Restructuring and Turnaround

M&A Services - Leadership Advisory and Interim Executives

Leadership Advisory and Interim Executives

It is often said that human capital is that which doesn’t exist on a balance sheet. It therefore takes considerable skill and experience to evaluate and advise on it—which we posses from our many years in executive search. We work with organizations to provide leadership guidance, whether in private equity, or buy or sell-side situations.

In the area of interim executives, a company might be growing and not possess enough revenue to pay a full-time CEO, CFO, or other C-suite position. In such a case a fractional executive might be called for, and we have a considerable portfolio of candidates for such.

Capital Advisory, Raising and Structuring

For raising capital, we advise companies with regard to the best type of funding mechanisms that would be best for that organization—whether it be S-corp, LLC or privately owned. For example, if you are raising capital through private placement, how are investors protected, and how will investment be recouped?

Through our 40+ years in business, we have created a broad investor network, including 10,000 private equity companies with whom we do business, and many angel and private investors.

M&A Services - Capital Advisory, Raising and Structuring