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In the fast-paced New York City business environment, finding the right executive can make or break your company’s future. Partnering with a reputable executive recruitment firm takes the burden off your shoulders, but even the most experienced recruiters can encounter red flags during the candidate selection process.

Learning to identify these hiring mistakes early on can save you valuable time and resources and the potential for a disastrous hiring decision.

Here are five key areas to pay attention to in your NYC executive search.

1. Unrealistic Salary Expectations 

A qualified candidate will have a strong understanding of their market value, but unrealistic salary expectations can be a significant red flag. This could indicate a candidate who prioritizes compensation over company fit or a potential lack of negotiation skills – both qualities that won’t bode well in the long run.

2. Job-Hopping History

While career mobility is desirable, a resume with short stints at different companies could suggest a lack of commitment or difficulty adapting to new environments. Look for candidates who demonstrate consistent growth within organizations or those who can explain the reasons for their frequent job changes.

3. Inconsistent or Embellished Information

Inconsistencies in a candidate’s resume or conflicting information during interviews can be a cause for concern.  Verify all relevant details and pay attention to details that seem too good to be true. A reputable executive search firm will perform necessary background checks to mitigate this risk.

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4. Difficulty Articulating Achievements 

A strong leader can clearly articulate their past accomplishments and the impact they made on previous companies. Watch out for candidates who struggle to quantify their successes or who rely on generic phrases. Look for examples of quantifiable results and specific contributions they made to their former organizations.

5. Poor Cultural Fit  

A great executive isn’t just about skills and experience. They should also mesh well with your company culture. Watch for indicators of a potential clash.

Does the candidate display values that align with your organization’s mission? Can they adapt to your work environment and leadership style?  Behavioral interview questions and a company culture assessment can help address this concern.

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