There was a time when a cushy job meant big salary, big bonus and big corner office. Today, employers are finding that it might be unlimited vacation time and a workplace that looks and feels like their living room that really matter to their top workers.

Here are three things to think about when trying to retain a talented work force:


How cool is your culture?


Believe it or not, many companies have found that employees take less vacation time when given unlimited days off. Being trusted to get their work done and working on their own terms makes them more productive and motivated. That’s a win/win for employers and their long-term employees.


Get comfy. Stay a while.


You don’t need to put the cliché bean bag chairs in every cubicle. But many offices are making standing desks, upholstered chairs, and more natural light more available. What really works is asking employees themselves what will create the best environment for getting work done.


Well … wellness.


More employers are starting to offer wellness programs, or expanding existing ones. It not only improves productivity at work, wellness programs are great way to show employees you care about their lives and beyond the work place—which helps retention.