Rochester is famously known as the “Flour City”, “Flower City, and the “Young Lion of the West” because of its unique and impressive history in optics, xerography, and photography. It also has a booming manufacturing and research industry and impressive education resources in evolving ad traditional imaging sciences.

Rochester is the third largest metropolitan city in New York, right after Buffalo. It includes six counties: Wayne, Orleans, Ontario, Monroe, Livingston, and Genesee. Collectively, it is the seventy-ninth largest city in the United States of America. Within a 400-mile radius of the booming metropolis are 14 northeastern states, two of Canada’s most populous provinces, Albany, the capital of New York, and Washington, D.C.

Moreover, Rochester is home to the country’s longest scenic byway, also known as the Seaway Trail. It’s a day’s drive from New York, America’s largest eastern port for foreign travelers. The city is also known as the Western Gateway to the majestic Finger Lakes Region, which is also a part of the Seaway Trail.

One of the best parts of visiting Rochester is the beautiful scenery. In the Cenozoic era, large glaciers melted to carve out the topography of the fertile Genesee Valley and the rolling hills surrounding it. Moreover, Ontario Lake left many waterways behind with its deep gorges and waterfalls. It also has hundreds of scenic streams and ponds, making them a premier picnic destination for residents and tourists living in nearby areas.

The city is a great place to live and an ideal place to work and seek more opportunities in your respective field. The businesses there are globally recognized for their cutting-edge developments in multiple sectors, like beverage manufacturing, food, health imaging, research and development, smart energy, imaging, and optics. Business owners, managers, and executives can enjoy a great workplace culture and quality of life while living and working in Rochester.

Many famous businesses in Rochester have received praise for being one of the best places to work, like Wegmans, which has been on Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies To Work For’ list for over two decades. The region also has a steady supply of talented workforce from 19 dedicated colleges and institutes like Monroe Community College, Nazareth College of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of Rochester.

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