Six Tips to Finding The Right Candidate for the Job

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to hire someone for accounting, engineering, sales or marketing—you don’t want to fill a position, you want to hire the best-qualified professional. You also want to avoid costly hiring mistakes.
The following tips apply to many industries and can be implemented as best practices for your company to help you find the best candidate from your talent search.

1. Compose a Detailed Position Description

When looking to fill a role at your company, be as specific as possible. Each job description should include job title, education/experience requirements, measurement of job performance and salary range. Including this specific information can narrow down those candidates with the right qualifications. The more clear you are in your job description, the easier it is for candidates to self-screen and apply only if qualified.

2. Industry-Specific Candidates

When searching for the right candidate you want a specific individual for a particular industry niche. You can accomplish this by research, data and facts to create the candidate persona. The persona can include their characteristics, skills, qualifications and educational background, and you can tailor your recruiting efforts toward attracting the right candidate. Higher-level candidates for executive positions aren’t scanning the big job boards that house thousands of resumes and posts for lower-level positions. Make sure you “fish in the right pond” or search for candidates among the pool most likely to have people that match your requirements.

3. Embrace Social Media

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), 84 percent of organizations are using social media in their recruitment efforts, including job boards, online forums and blogs. Professional groups and similar social networking groups can also help you tap into a rich source of great job candidates. A good way to target potential candidates is on LinkedIn and Facebook via a job posting or a direct message. Sending a tweet to open jobs and adding hashtags is another way, as well as sharing photos or videos of company-sponsored events on Instagram and YouTube. Don’t be afraid to embrace these social platforms. If using social media, it’s important that you know your target and segment and utilize a more direct approach. Communicate with them directly with specific skill sets.

4. Ask Screening Questions

In an effort to gauge interest, ask potential candidates the following questions during the application process. By doing this, you’re eliciting a genuine response and getting a glimpse into their professional interests too.

  • Why do you want to work at our company?
  • What business blogs, websites or periodicals do you read regularly?

5. Paid Trial Assignment

It’s difficult to assess the skills of a candidate by simply reviewing their resume. A short, paid assignment can demonstrate your interest in the candidate and it also allows the candidate to demonstrate their skills. Short tests at the end of the hiring process are an easy way to select the best candidate for the position.

6. Observe Them Interacting with Others

Before making your final decision, invite the short list of candidates to your company to meet several staff members and observe how they interact with the team. How’s the chemistry? Follow-up with those staff members and ask them how they felt about each candidate. If you’re relying on phone interviews, ask the candidates if they’d mind taking part in a 15-minute phone interview.

Finding the best candidate from hundreds of resumes can be difficult and time-consuming. Take your time and use these helpful tips to narrow your search and find the best talent for the position.

The CCY Advantage

CCY has produced talent for over 40 years and has developed a process for securing the right person for the job. An industry leader in ethics and integrity, we recruit talent who make an impact and align them with your strategy. We take your people and company to the next level, and we are proud of our proven results:

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  • Executives hired through our process are six times more likely to be promoted within four years
  • Our proprietary AI works 24/7/365 to source candidates and results in clients seeing candidates in less than a week, resulting in a time to hire that is half of our competitors

At CCY, we help you define the problem at hand, develop a solution, and provide value through defining skills, personality traits, and cultural aspects that are necessary for the executive to fit seamlessly within your organization. We find the best talent and present it in a straightforward fashion by providing an extensive candidate snapshot that includes the career achievements, strengths and weaknesses. By working with us, we will find your next outstanding leader.
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