Syracuse, NY, is not just home to the famous Syracuse University, but it’s also known for its picturesque views and welcoming vibes. One of the most fascinating things about Syracuse is the State Fair.

Over a hundred years ago, New York City held its first State Fair in Syracuse and has never looked back. It has become an annual tradition that attracts crowds from all over the State of New York. Children and adults of all ages flock to the cotton candy stands and carnival rides with their families and friends. The fair lasts twelve days straight and contains educational exhibits, live concerts, and agricultural showcases. So, there’s something for everyone.

Little Italy is another unique location in Syracuse. Italian immigrants in the late 1800s settled in the Northern Syracuse area. Due to the high cultural influence, the area was officially dubbed “Little Italy” in 2003. True to its name, Little Italy is famous for its strong Italian influence with Italian clubs, salons, cafes, bars, pizzerias, and bakeries.

Syracuse today is a major transportation, industrial, and commercial center for the Northeast, with a highly diversified economy. The service industry has shown record growth, and manufacturing plays a significant factor in the local market. The cost of doing business in Syracuse is the sixth lowest in the nation and is counted among the top fifty cities for business expansion and relocation, making it one of the leading cities for job growth in the State of New York.

Many items and goods and produced in Syracuse, including telecommunication devices, specialty metals, military electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, heating and air conditioning equipment, and automotive components.

Syracuse has a pool of affordable, productive, and educated employees that run local businesses and industries. Due to the growing business and industrial avenues, the employment rates have grown much more quickly than in any other city in upstate New York. Over the next few years, it’s predicted that Syracuse’s economy may shift from a manufacturing center to a knowledge-based and services economy.

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