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What is the Leaderboard?

Put simply, the Leaderboard is a frequently updated listing of brief, anonymized profiles of high-value leadership candidates. It includes both active and passive job seekers and gives employers the opportunity to request more information on specific individuals. Every candidate you see here has been fully screened, vetted, and considered by Cochran, Cochran & Yale’s executive search team to be a uniquely qualified and high-potential business leader.

CCY’s Leaderboard is an ever-evolving roster of business leaders considering new opportunities.

We built it to:

  • Shorten the Path to a Successful Leadership Hire
  • Connect Established Leaders with Exciting Opportunities
  • Redefine the Candidate Experience

Confidentiality is crucial to the value we deliver.

We take proactive steps to guard the identities and sensitive information of both our clients and our candidates.  Every member of the CCY team is fully committed to achieving our stated goals while protecting confidentiality for all parties.

Leaderboard Benefits

For Employers: Access

When it comes to leadership talent acquisition, CCY does the heavy lifting. Thanks to our relationship-building, we know who candidates are, what they’ve done, and what they want. The Leaderboard gives employers quick access to vetted and available leaders in the moment. By subscribing to updates, you’ll receive a regularly updated feed of newly added candidates.

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For Candidates: Exposure

Most candidate relationships with search firms are transactional. If you are not a match for the firm’s current searches, the communication is likely to end.

Working with CCY is an ongoing opportunity, and the Leaderboard is just one way that we advocate for our candidates. You don’t have to be a match for one of our active searches; we want to establish a relationship and understand your priorities. To put you in front of opportunities that meet your needs, we will uncover what drives you as a leader.

If you’re an experienced leader considering your next professional challenge — actively or passively, in the open or confidentially — a listing on the Leaderboard could open up a world of opportunity. You’ll be seen by hundreds of companies each week, and you’ll appear in our outbound marketing activities. It’s a form of job-search outsourcing, and it’s totally and completely free.

Leadership Recruitment Done Differently

Relationships, Not Resumes

This isn’t just another list of resumes. And we don’t scrape profiles (or jobs) from other sites.

The Leaderboard is a showcase of high-caliber individuals with whom CCY has an established relationship. These proven leaders are accessible, responsive, and interested in the types of senior roles filled by our search firm.

CCY’s value to both employers and candidates is the depth of our relationships. We uncover the crucial information that accelerates time-to-hire and improves the odds of an ideal match — details like location needs, compensation expectations, culture fit, and professional motivators.

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Confidential by Design

You’ll notice that, here on the Leaderboard and in our Active Search listings, we don’t lead with identifying information. That’s because, at the senior leadership level, both talent acquisition efforts and job searches require a high level of confidentiality.

We very much appreciate the sensitivity of changes at the leadership level, and we respect and protect both candidates’ and clients’ confidentiality throughout the match or search process. Full details are not disclosed until it’s necessary and we’ve gained consent from all affected parties.

Delivering Access + Intelligence

As an executive search firm, we are perpetually engaging with leaders, both those who drive organizational strategy and those who effectively lead people. As the two biggest challenges to executive hiring are access to candidates and time to hire, we are in a position to solve both of these problems by connecting leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow.

Don’t See the Talent You Need?

If you’re seeking candidates you don’t see on the Leaderboard, let’s connect. Our talent network extends far beyond the individuals you see here. If we don’t already have a relationship with your ideal candidate, our search process will find and engage them.

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