What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, a service that falls under the umbrella of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). By outsourcing talent acquisition, companies can reduce cost per hire by up to 50%. RPO provides a new, highly efficient alternative to contingent searches, staffing firms, and in-house HR. As this service model has typically been limited to very large corporate employers, CCY created TalentFuel RPO to give small and medium professional service companies a new option for outsourcing the management of their recruitment functions.

What is TalentFuel?

If RPO is the “what,” TalentFuel is the “how.” TalentFuel is our name for the unique blend of talent acquisition methods that drives CCY’s proprietary, on-demand RPO model. By combining modern recruitment methods, artificial intelligence (AI) support, process automation, and our 40+ years of business and talent intelligence, we are able to deliver an exceptionally flexible RPO model. This approach is engineered to improve hiring and retention outcomes for management and individual contributor roles at professional services companies.

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  • Cut cost per hire by up to 50%

  • Reduce time to hire

  • Access Qualified Candidates Faster

  • Maintain your Talent Pipeline

  • Offer Competitive Compensation

  • Avoid Ghosting & Turndowns

  • Eliminate Contingency Fees

  • Transform Unreliable HR Recruiting

  • Stop Making Bad Hires

  • Prevent Aging Vacancies

  • Shorten Time to Productivity

Benefits of TalentFuel RPO

Dedicated Expert Recruiters

Thanks to our AI and the scope of our talent network, TalentFuel allows CCY to deliver a white-glove recruitment experience at scale. We want every client to feel like our only client, and every candidate to have an exceptional experience. By combining time-tested recruitment methods with automation technology, TalentFuel RPO delivers a superior hiring experience for all involved.

Clear and Measurable Results

Achieve transpareny through regular reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) and role expectations. TalentFuel RPO’s optimized TA process helps you increase efficiency, identify process improvements, and better forecast future hiring requirements.

Qualified Candidates, Fast

Stop competing for the same talent pool by reaching passive job seekers through dedicated outreach efforts.

Less Time to Hire

Our established networks and sourcing technologies get you qualified candidates more quickly and eliminate aging vacancies.

Reduced Hiring Costs

Your organization will save money by significantly reducing your average cost per hire. Often, this is more than 50%.

Better Quality Hires

Our seasoned recruiters engage directly with hiring managers to understand your culture and needs, then identify candidates with the skillset and mindset to succeed in your organization.

A Flexible and Scalable
Recruitment Alternative

TalentFuel RPO can be variably leveraged to provide just the right level of talent support. Those businesses just looking to have an extra hand with recruitment can use RPO as an HR complement or interim solution. Teams who need to scale up or free up internal resources can engage a full managed service. No matter how involved you want to be in recruitment, TalentFuel RPO can be customized to address your business needs. From end-to-end recruitment to recruitment process design and candidate sourcing, we provide a full suite of tailor-made RPO solutions.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Talent acquisition with TalentFuel RPO costs 40-50% less than in-house HR and contingent search fees, while providing companies the agility to overcome the most pressing post-COVID hiring challenges.

Full-Pipeline Support

CCY’s established relationships and professional talent networks ensure that your current vacant roles get filled quickly and that you have a pipeline of qualified talent available at all times.

The Cochran, Cochran & Yale Difference

40 Years of Success

Through four decades of constant change, we’ve learned how to adapt, and fast. CCY is the talent partner this moment demands.

Proprietary Assessment

By testing candidate behavior, performance under pressure, and interpersonal style, we achieve alignment in both skillset and mindset.

Exceptional Retention

CCY delivers talent that sticks. Most companies measure retention in months. We measure ours in years.