Are you tired of being passed over for promotions? Do you find that you’re not receiving that raise or bonus this year? Do you want to hone your leadership skills, increase performance and overcome setback? Are you simply looking for a clearer path to advancement?

Recognizing your limitations can be challenging. Most development and training programs do not address the root causes of performance issues. Similar to athletes, we must constantly sharpen our skills and overcome any performance inhibitors to compete in today’s competitive market.

CCY’s Personal Performance is a customized, comprehensive analysis of your development needs, a 3 month 1 on 1 program, which includes a prescription for success! We have over 35 years of experience predicting performance within organizations, and over 70 years of research available to fuel this process.

Our customized program follows a defined process:

  • We begin by interviewing the individual to determine technical and tactical skills and knowledge, gathering information about the demands of various performance situations as they relate to the particular professional field of interest.
  • Then, we assess the individual’s cognitive skills and abilities. For example, we measure characteristics such as information processing, problem-solving, decision-making, and other key leadership attributes.
  • Next, we gauge the individual’s interpersonal behaviors to measure factors such as competitiveness, extroversion, intellectual expression, and self-confidence, among other areas.
  • Our evaluation doesn’t end there. We take the information presented in the professional profile, and validate the results through various questioning methods, to ensure accuracy.
  • Using the data we collect from the assessment stages, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the individual’s professional profile, highlighting strengths and limitations with detailed explanations.
  • We then create a tailored development program to optimize future success, relevant specifically to the individual’s professional field and objectives.
  • The final step is execution. We’ll provide coaching, development exercises, and ongoing consultations to ensure progress is being made.

With our individualized approach to Personal Performance, you’ll receive a thorough, accurate assessment of your inherent strengths and limitations; detailed explanations of how these characteristics impact performance within your specific field; and a plan to optimize your potential. With these tools, you will have a clear road map for future success.

For more information on our Personal Performance approach contact Shawn Baker at (585)785-5728 or