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Do you want to improve employee experience and engagement at the workplace? If yes, you’ve come to the right place because, to help you, we’ve listed some ideas on how you can increase employee engagement and improve their experience at your workplace.

Before we dive in, you need to understand what a positive employee experience looks like. It’s not a fully-stocked snack bar and endless coffee supplies in the kitchen but real opportunities and instances of human interaction. Your employees should be able to bring more of themselves to the table and the workplace.

In this blog, we’ll discuss multiple ways to improve employee engagement and experience at your workplace and how it’ll benefit your business. Here’s what you need to know:


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Value And Act On Employee Feedback

Employee surveys are one of the most powerful and useful tools businesses and organizations have that are often underutilized. They allow employees to communicate and connect with employers to address managerial and operational issues. Acting on these issues can help you connect with your employees and improve operational metrics and customer feedback.

You can measure different aspects of employee engagement and experience within the company, like:

  1. How did a recent organizational change affect our work culture and transform it in the future?
  2. Has our employee engagementchanged compared to last year and the recent change?
  3. What is employee energy in the organization or business now?

Happy employees are often highly engaged in the workplace and feel fulfilled in their work roles. However, if your employees don’t feel fulfilled, your feedback survey must make your workforce feel heard to improve employee satisfaction and fulfillment metrics.


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If you don’t act on their advice, suggestions, or concerns, it can backfire and cause them to lose trust in you as a manager or business owner. So, if you’re concerned about striking the right balance during feedback and survey, here are some mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Correlation is not always causation: if there’s low engagement and issues like attrition in your organization, don’t immediately act without proper investigation. You must recognize and understand the root cause of low employee engagementand poor employee experience in the workplace.
  2. Implement what you promise: If you’ve communicated that you’ve heard your employees’ concerns, act on them and implement the changes actively. Otherwise, the survey is useless and a waste of time.
  3. Remove biases In the survey: Sit with your analytics and human resource team to remove biases that can damage the survey design and result analysis.
  4. Keep it internal, if possible: It might be easier for you to hire a third-party company to conduct a survey and get quick analysis and results. However, it’ll be more meaningful if your senior teams oversee the entire process and drive positive change in the organization to improve the employee experience.
  5. Don’t Create Too Many Surveys: You must find the right survey frequency in the company or organization. It should be a once-in-a-while check-in to see how employees are doing overall.


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Promote Inclusion And Diversity

Diversity and inclusion can directly impact employee engagement, creativity, and satisfaction. To take your first step towards inclusion and diversity, you must understand the bias in your recruitment and management policies and build awareness among your workforce.

Workplace diversity will increase creativity, competition, and innovation among your teams because each employee brings their unique perspective and experience to the table. And when your employees feel like they belong at the workplace, they’ll feel more secure and perform better.

One of the best ways to start this conversation in the workplace is to encourage your employees to share their doubts, thoughts, and ideas about the current organizational and workplace culture and if it’s inclusive for them. Your employees will feel more linked to their personal and organizational goals and be inspired to strive towards them with fervor and determination if you foster an environment where they feel free to discuss their difficulties at work.

Also, it’ll help you create a collaborative, socially transparent, and trustworthy work culture that brings the leadership and management teams closer to the employees.

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Invest In Employee Wellness

Wellness in the workplace goes beyond physical health. Also, it encompasses social, spiritual, and emotional fulfillment. As a result, you should design and implement initiatives that promote employee well-being and guarantee that they are alert, focused, and well-rested at work.

This can be as simple as introducing a four-day week, restricting work timings, introducing health and fitness programs, providing healthy snacks, on-site health clinics, and gyms, paid parental leave, paid vacation time, and sick time.


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Work On Improving Employee Satisfaction

Does money really buy happiness? Yes, it does, but to an extent. Therefore, salary is not the only metric you should focus on to improve employee engagement and experience at the workplace. There are many other ways to keep your employees satisfied and happy other than handing out promotions and raises.

You can allow flexible working environments that encourage employees to control their working schedule during the day and get the work done in a way that works for them. It’ll shift the focus from where and how the work gets done to the quality and impact of the work. This is a great option for people who have children and need to balance their professional and personal lives sustainably.

You must, however, take care to prevent the human connection from dwindling or disappearing as hybrid employment becomes more prevalent. Your remote employees may have the most difficulty adjusting to the transition and may feel less confident about it because they weren’t an integral part of the culture in the first place.

Also, appreciate your remote employees just as much as your on-site ones. Often remote employees feel underappreciated for the same work they do as on-site employees. The best way to appreciate them is to lead with authenticity and empathy. Try placing yourself in their shoes and understanding their concerns. This will help you recognize what your employees need to feel more fulfilled in their roles.


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