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Interviews are critical meetings that can have a huge impact on the recruitment process. It’s a meeting in which the recruiter takes a moment to delve into the potential employee’s past experiences, skills, background, aspirations, etc. Since face-to-face interviews are not always possible, digital interviews have become the norm.

However, despite its functionality, not everyone is a fan. Connectivity issues, lagging, and audio problems can become a nightmare during the meeting. If you have a big interview lined up, here are some of our top tips to help you nail it:

Work On Your Set Up

Start by preparing your interview space. Here’s what you can do to feel more prepared and confident.

  1. Test your audio and video beforehand. Check the internal setting to ensure the system is properly working.
  2. Double-check your internet connection and keep a back internet device in case you run out of data or face unexpected network issues.
  3. Check if your headphones work with the volume turned up for voice clarity.
  4. Look the part you’re applying for. Despite attending a video interview, try to dress well. you’ll feel more confident, and it’ll leave a positive impression on the interviewer.

Show Up Before The Time

Showing up for a video interview later than the given time is just as bad as arriving late for a physical interview. Ensure that you join in based on the agreed time in the correspondence and start with a polite greeting.

Look Into The Camera

Try to look at the camera when you’re speaking to the recruiter. When you look elsewhere on the screen, it may seem like you’re reading from somewhere. However, you can have a window with notes open for your interview to cover all the points you wish to discuss, but don’t try to overtly read from a document.

Become A Storyteller

During the recruitment process, you’ll constantly be talking about yourself. So try to tell your journey engagingly. Doing this will leave a lasting impact on your panel or recruiter.

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