Improve your employer branding

So, your employee retention rates aren’t the best, and you haven’t received enough applications from the right candidates either. Despite creating a name for your brand in the market, you haven’t been lucky enough to attract and hire the right talent. What could possibly be going wrong?

According to research, 69% of job seekers apply to jobs with an actively managed employer brand. What is employer branding, and how can you improve yours? Here are 5 ways to do so.

7 Ways to Improve Your Employer Branding

Identify Your Hiring Errors

Converting candidates into employees takes hard work. While most companies recognize the importance of sending offer letters fast, they rarely take the rejected candidates into consideration.

Just like approved candidates deserve a response in the form of offer letters, rejected candidates also deserve to know the reasons behind their rejection. By giving them timely feedback and encouraging them to apply again, you can differentiate your brand from others in the market.

Avoid Chaotic Interviews

Any reputable New York executive recruitment firm can vouch for this one. Your interviews must be seamless if you wish to leave a lasting impression on the candidates. Remember, an interview is your first ever in-person or face-to-face interaction with a candidate. Without prompt scheduling and management tools, your initial interaction will be nothing short of un-contextual.

It doesn’t matter whether you hire the candidate you interview or not. What matters is that they should leave with a positive impression of the company.

Understand That Your Brand Is More than Your Logo

While a slogan or a logo represents your employer branding, it isn’t the entirety of it. According to research, slogans are important, but only to a certain degree. What matters most is the fit between brands and their slogans.

This is where the governing principles of your business come in. How do you take care of your customers and employees? How does your HR department interact with employees/applicants? Every positive interaction reinforces your brand’s positive aspects, and every negative interaction does the opposite.

Cater to the Expectations of Different Generations

Gen-Z and millennials are not the only generations out there. As an employer, understanding each generation’s expectations is the key to building a reliable brand. In short, your brand should speak to the individuality of each group.

For example, millennials appreciate opportunities that offer career progression, whereas Gen-X is attracted to a forward-thinking company that has embraced digital transformation. All in all, an age-diverse workplace facilitates greater inclusivity and also understands varying customer markets.

Encourage Existing Employees to be Your Brand Ambassadors

A number of C-level Recruiting Companies in NY rely on your employer brand to bring more candidates into your company. But, potential candidates are more interested in speaking to existing employees than to HR.

They want to know what goes on behind the scenes and why people have chosen to stay at your company. In a nutshell, they want to know what makes your company worth their while. This is where you can harness the power of social media and post real employee stories.

Lead With a Strong Statement

A strong statement gives a clear-cut message of what your brand is trying to achieve.

For example, Nike leads with the following statement:

“We lead. We invent. We deliver.”

This simple statement shows their stance and what they do as one of the world’s leading sports brands. It also fosters a sense of purpose and pride in its employees.

Create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Creating an EVP is one of the most crucial aspects of enhancing your employer branding. It helps your business answer questions about why someone should or would want to work in your company. Don’t mistake it for a simple paycheck because an EVP is much more than that.

Here are some of the most common categories of an EVP:

  • Compensation (which includes information about raises, promotions, evaluation system, etc.)
  • Benefits (this includes information about insurance, holidays, retirement, time off, etc.)
  • Career (this includes details about career development, stability, etc.)
  • Work environment (this should briefly touch upon aspects like autonomy, recognition, work-life balance, etc.)
  • Culture

A Strong Employer Branding Does More than Just Attracting New Talent

Employer branding to retain existing employees

Retaining your existing employees is just as important as attracting new candidates. Having a strong brand will push your existing employees to take pride in being a part of the company. But doing so requires having a strong online presence too.

A number of candidates check an organization’s social media pages before applying for a job. Hence, a solid social media brand image helps potential candidates gauge the expectations of the employer and determine whether they will be a right fit for the company.

Furthermore, having a well-known brand also ensures that potential candidates find your organization naturally. This further reduces your recruiting costs, which means you can spend that money on other important aspects of your business and get ahead of your competitors.

You can also outsource your recruitment needs to a well-reputed New York City executive search firm to further reduce your recruitment efforts. A well-known brand with positive reviews attracts more and better talent than companies that only offer good pay.


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