1. Make better hires: An informed interviewer will not only understand your organization’s corporate culture, but will also know which questions to ask during interviews to best determine a candidate’s cultural fit.
  2. Ensure alignment from day one: Determine which of your staff members are champions for your branding and corporate strategy. Who on your team just seems to ‘get it?’ Assigning those ambassadors as peer mentors to new hires improves alignment between new staff members and your culture.
  3. Measure performance: If you have a clear understanding of the top characteristics or behaviors that drive success within your organization, you can measure a new hire’s strength – or weakness – in each of those areas. For best results, a new hire’s performance in key areas should continue to be monitored against a peer group in order to best monitor progress.
  4. Create effective performance plans: Once you’ve established consistent methods of measuring performance, you can then implement informed, effective performance management techniques to fully optimize your team’s success.