The first eyes on your resume are probably going to be electronic. But final hiring decisions are going to be made by actual people. It’s critical to craft your resume to speed past automated scanning systems and stop real-live hiring managers in their tracks. Here are some key things to consider:

Start with your unique candidate proposition.

Forget the traditional objective, which is all about you. What can you deliver that no one else can? A summary helps others know why you’re the best candidate to solve their pain. Tell your potential employer what you offer—in as few words as possible. That’s the essence of your personal brand.

Show how where you’ve been matters for where you’re going.

Craft your experience highlights within the context of the employer’s goals for the role and your current career goals. Make sure you’re highlighting the parts of your history that have prepared you for a future with this company.

Use their words.

Computers like keywords, and keeping a running list of them can really help your job search. Employers use digital tools to scan for candidates at all times. Using the right resume keywords is critical to getting through to a human. Incorporate keywords tailored specifically to each job post and company. Stay away from acronyms.

Get statistically specific.

How large were your budgets? How much did you increase sales? How many people or assets did you manage? Quantifying your professional achievements builds your credibility as a candidate and separates you from the pack.

Add clear contact info.

Make sure your contact info is Big, Bold, Accurate, and Appropriate. Check every number and make sure your e-mail is current.

Get a Career Advocate.

In today’s talent market, there are plenty of companies hiring and a shortage of qualified candidates. To make matters worse, remote hiring adds noise and distance between job seekers and the employers who need them. If you’re in an executive position or have an in-demand skill set, we can help you find and connect with the companies and opportunities that align with you personally. To connect with an executive recruiter, submit your resume today.