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Many companies and organizations in the US have come to understand how crucial it is to ensure cybersecurity. As online risks increase, we have realized how important it is to have a board member who is well-versed in cybersecurity matters. So, hiring Chief Information Officers or Chief Information Software Officers to join your board can be a rewarding step.

Your board members will need a broad set of technical, cybersecurity, and soft skills to navigate the board meetings and implement the best plan for the company’s growth.

Here are some traits you should look for:

Communication Skills

A cybersecurity specialist for the board will be working closely with other departments. So, they must have the necessary soft and communication skills to explain the findings, concerns, and solutions to each level of the organization regarding cybersecurity technology. They should also be able to simplify information to different levels of technical comprehension for other members of the organization.

See The Big Picture

It’s a drawback that many CISOs and CIOs lack board experience when asked to contribute to a board member’s role and capacity. So, when you recruit a cybersecurity board executive, you should look for candidates who have elevated their skills from technical to the broader enterprise level. They need to have experience reporting and presenting to a board. This will help them present their ideas and have a bigger picture of threats to the organization and how to protect it.

Technical Expertise

Your CIO and CISOs need to have a deep understanding and background in technology, like emerging innovations, technology transformation, and digital applications. They should also have enough experience to oversee technological investments and how to focus the technology resources for organizational growth.

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