When employees commit to personal and professional change they can grow themselves while becoming more valuable members of the team. Here are a few though starters for the coming year.

I will stretch … at home and work.

Stretching simply means reaching outside your comfort zone.

  • Working on a new cross-functional team at work to learn others’ perspectives
  • Joining a committee or board at a local nonprofit that moves you
  • Learning new skills at work or getting a certification at a local school


I will advocate for myself.

Asking for what you want is in important way to stretch. And a sure way to grow. You can ask for:

  • Training that isn’t currently offered
  • Approval to attend an upcoming conference,
  • Membership in an industry association, and most importantly,
  • Feedback so you can better identify your strengths and areas for improvement


I will protect my image online.

This one speaks for itself and becomes more important every day. Personally and professionally, on every platform from Facebook with friends to LinkedIn with coworkers, clients and prospects, we must all resolve to be responsible sharers.