Rochester Business Journal, August 12, 2016 – Cochran, Cochran & Yale at its core is an executive search firm. But in today’s evolving economy, clients are asking for more than resumes to review. CCY provides clients a proven, data-supported search process that emphasizes culture fit and capabilities.

In addition, they’ve expanded their services to now advise leaders on how to attract, develop and retain key employees. CCY offers consulting that takes place before and after key leadership hires.

Knowing the importance of setting a strategic human resources plan, attracting and hiring top talent, helping develop strong leaders and retaining a motivated staff are key reasons CCY has succeeded for more than 35 years.

“We place our emphasis and efforts in the same areas that corporate leaders do: executive coaching, leadership development, executive search, culture, HR, strategy,” says Shawn Baker, President. “By doing so, we earn trust and build lasting relationships that help make our clients stronger, smarter and more successful.”

“Simply finding a capable leader is no longer enough,” he adds. “We find the right leaders for our clients and equip them with tools to drive success.”

Baker encourages clients to reach out to CCY before an urgent need arises.

“People often think of search firms as a reactive solution,” he observes. “They call when they have a vacancy and as a last resort. But that’s the least effective way to use CCY’s expertise.”

He continues: “Our clients who experience the most value and impact use CCY’s services proactively and consistently. We partner with them to create a highly engaged leadership team with a strategic hiring process. Using this approach, clients see lower turnover and increased productivity—and a boost in profitability.”

CCY serves organizations in technology, life sciences, consumer goods, financial services, banking, manufacturing, professional services, health care, and sales and marketing.

On the search side, the firm’s consultants average 19 years in search and recruiting—a depth of experience that supports a streamlined and effective process. But this process goes deeper than screening resumes; rather, it creates a custom assessment of strengths and leadership capabilities match but also a culture fit.

In addition to its search capabilities, CCY’s leadership advisory services and strategic collaborations offer its regional clients the same effective engagement, leadership development, and career transition.

CCY brings a comprehensive approach to talent advisory, helping organizations thrive and reach their full potential.