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We live in an exciting time of progress and innovation. As the amount of data that is produced and exchanged continues to increase, our computing power needs to improve as well. These developments have a huge impact on our lives and every industry we work in. And one of the most impactful developments is hyper-automation.

It’s believed that the next ten years are critical for hyper-automation. We’ll be dealing with applications of advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate processes. Its function also includes reassessing, monitoring, measuring, automating, designing, analyzing, and discovering data.

It’s also predicted that by using complex algorithms and analytics, we can increase the likelihood of automating tasks through RPA (Robotic Process Automation). So, a robot in this sense can be a robotic arm fixing car doors in a factory and patching calls through a communication system to a recipient in a customer care center.


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The impact of hyper-automation has also changed human resource departments and functions all over the world, especially regarding recruitment. So, in this blog, we’ll look at how hyper-automation has changed the way we handle human resources in an organization. Here’s what you need to know:

Hyper-automation In Performance Management Function

As a human resource specialist, it’s crucial to observe that organizational goals align with employees’ personal goals. So have and encourage open communication with your employees about their ambitions and performance. We understand that every organization handles its performance management metrics and KPIs differently. However, some processes can be automated, including:

  • Aggregated Report Automation: Aggregate performance ratings can be automated on any organizational level.
  • Notification Scheduling: You can plan and schedule notifications for any event, like when it’s time to provide annual feedback.
  • Streamlining Workflow: Since performance management processes for each organization are unique, the process factor of providing input and feedback as an employee or manager remains the same. You can automate the feedback provision process as part of the automated workflow by pushing notifications to indicate the next action in the performance management process on the organizational internal correspondence portal.

Hyper-automation in performance management can help your HR specialists monitor the performance management process, facilitate any technical difficulties, and improve each review period.


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Hyper-automation In Talent Acquisition

As an organization, recruiting, attracting, and sourcing new talent off the market is a continuous process. And this process requires a lot of steps and communication with the applicants. Therefore, it can pay to automate the talent acquisition process in many stages. It can help with the following:

  • It can gather and analyze the applicant profiles with some preset keywords for which you can use different search tools that can score the application based on your criteria.
  • You can use hyper-automationto let the candidates schedule their interview based on preset times available on the interviewer’s agenda.
  • You can text mine the CVs uploaded for a vacancy and analyze them based on a specific criterion like spelling errors or education.
  • You can also prescreen candidates through a short survey as a preassessment. This will help you filter candidates you don’t wish to pursue further in the process early on.

Hyper-automation can also help with the online sourcing process by canvassing hundreds of databases and talent pools to shortlist quality candidates. In the future, we may be able to deploy chatbots to leverage computational linguistics and sentiment analysis to interpret a candidate’s communication style and formulate an appropriate response.


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Using AI and hyper-automation can allow you to make a personalized response and experience for potential candidates and increase prompt responses from the organization based on their application. So, candidates won’t feel dejected as they’ll receive a response even if they’re not considered for the position. You can consider sending feedback on how they can improve their application in the response as well.

Hyper-automation In Payroll Management

Payroll traditionally began with human resource employees spending hours and days entering payroll data one at a time. However, with automation, our human resource staff can complete the process in several simple steps. Here are some ways hyper-automation can help you with payroll management:

  • It’s cost-effective because it saves your employees’ time and effort in the long run.
  • It generates payroll insights and allows employees to update their information periodically.
  • It uses a centralized database and complies with organizational data management requirements. It also makes it prepared for any internal or external audits at all times.
  • It also updates tax information, regulations, and margins.
  • It can send out scheduled quarterly reports, performance reports, or any type of reports.
  • It reduced any human computational error in the process.
  • It saves your employees’ time from doing menial tasks.



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Some Limitations Of Hyper-automation

You should not hyper-automation based on AI programs that can sometimes be biased. So, you may need to be strict with your hiring decisions and evaluate your recruitment tools so as not to miss out on talented individuals who may deserve to be considered for the position.

Also, introducing hyper-automation for business operation transformation means that your employees will need training and skills to operate the new AI-based systems. So, you’ll face cultural challenges where your employees will have to step out of their comfort zones to embrace this change and fulfill organizational objectives and goals.

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