How to plan for, attract, develop and retain great performers

Welcome to the first issue of The Leader Board. We want to regularly share with you important learnings we’ve gathered as we’ve delivered leadership advisory services to our clients.

You might think of Cochran, Cochran and Yale only when you have a pressing hiring need. When a key position needs to be filled. The truth is, you’ll see the most value from our services when you engage us throughout the year to strategically plan your Human Resources and proactively attract, develop and retain the group of professionals that will take your business where it needs to go. Think of us when you need an individual that matches your corporate culture. When a critical employee needs guidance. Or when an exiting team needs help landing on their feet.

Here’s a little more about the different areas of our practice:


Our Human Resources planning goes well beyond filling chairs. It’s a systematic and proactive approach to maximizing your greatest asset, your people.

To help assure the best fit between employees and jobs, avoid staffing shortages or surpluses and achieve your business goals more reliably, CCY planning services include:

  • Human Resources Consulting—for building HR departments, evaluating practices and delivering strategic advice to HR and business leaders.
  • Strategic Staffing Plans—to align hiring and employee capabilities with your organization’s objectives and maximize efficiency and retention.
  • Succession Planning—to identify and then prepare the next generation of leadership for a smooth transition that maintains productivity and morale.
  • Career Transition Support—to provide a positive, result-focused experience for exiting employees through one-on-one coaching, state-of-the-art technology and the more than 35 years of trusted career management experience of our professionals.


Hiring top talent is probably one of the greatest challenges you face. But people are what fuel every company’s performance, innovation and growth. CCY can help identify talent that matches your corporate culture, elevate your business in their minds, and keep them focused on you throughout their search.

To attract the best talent to your company, CCY services include:

  • Executive Search—to attract the right executives by leveraging critical market data and more than 35 years of proven experience with an 83% stay rate after 4 years.
  • Employment Branding—to differentiate your corporate culture in today’s highly competitive job market. A strong brand reputation will grab potential employees’ attention and bring them to your door.
  • Contract Staffing—to boost performance by balancing internal staffing, outside consulting and project outsourcing.
  • Executive On Boarding—to reduce the learning curve, increase the tenure of new executives and strengthen your return on investment in the hiring process.


You don’t keep your financial resources in a mattress. You invest them or keep them where they will grow. The same should be true of your human resources. Develop them so they can help you achieve your business objectives and most promising opportunities for growth.

To develop a nimble, skilled and agile workforce, CCY services include:

  • Professional Assessment—to understand the key strengths and weaknesses of employees using a variety of validated and actionable assessment tools and planning the path to maximizing each employee’s effectiveness.
  • Performance Programs and Evaluations—to objectively identify superstar employees, incentivize positive actions and correct negative ones through consistent employee measures and reviews.
  • Executive Coaching—to help employees achieve professional success through tailored programs for executives and clients that establish mutual goals and help everybody reach them.
  • Leadership Development—to enhance leadership skills and business performance through customizable programs that combine validated assessment data and internal feedback.


Talent retention is as important as client retention. Both help you stay focused on reaching your goals and growing your business, but they require very different strategies.

To retain top-talent, reduce overall costs and create happier, more loyal and productive employees, CCY services include:

  • Engagement Strategies—to identify and raise employee engagement through advanced technology, workshops, forums and proven strategies for achieving buy-in at all levels of the company.
  • Compensation Design—to establish a compensation structure that rewards desired actions by matching executive pay and rewards to strategic organizational goals.
  • Turnover Reduction—to identify the root cause of high turnover and provide actionable strategies to increase employee retention.
  • Culture Development—to build a positive and lasting environment that employees love and supports your business. It’s as important today as salary and benefits.

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