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Welcome to the eighth issue of The Leader Board. In this issue we look at the upcoming Fall 2017 recruitment trends and the possibility of a potential hiring boom!  Also, we are sharing a professional development article titled Top Business Leaders & Athletes Learn to Shift Awareness to Maximize Performance that we think is well worth the read.  We will also introduce you to a new search strategy for career seekers that includes ways to optimize the process.



Are you prepared to hire this fall?


The nationwide study from CareerBuilder revealed that 60 percent of companies are hiring full-time, part-time and temporary or contract workers from July 1st through December 31st which is up from 50 percent last year. Thirty-six percent of employers plan to hire part-time, permanent employees (up from 29%), and 46 percent plan to hire temporary or contract workers (up from 32% last year). So how can you compete in an already challenging talent market?

First, be prepared to hire! We have seen that the number of candidates not accepting job offers has increased significantly, and our research shows the length to the hiring process is their first complaint. Candidate’s second complaint was alignment within the management team, and those involved in hiring process were not on the same page. Sharp candidates will pick up on this cultural defect and run for the hills! Candidate’s last complaint was compensation. DO YOUR RESEARCH, and don’t offer below market or the candidate’s current compensation package. Both scenarios can quickly tarnish a brands reputation.

We are launching a special webinar series that will cover optimizing your recruitment processes. In addition, we will share our 38 year old secrets on candidate attraction and getting top talent to the finish line.

1.    Strategy & the importance of planning
2.    Target Profile, the importance of research
3.    Compensation package
4.    THE SECRET(s)
5.    Assessments & screenings
6.    Line managers- training, communicate and hold accountable
7.    Data and how to use it





Top Business Leaders Learn to Shift Awareness to Maximize Performance


From a psychological viewpoint, there are two types of sports – closed and open – and many top athletes must thrive under both systems. A closed sport is one such as golf, where the participant can use internal focus, as they have the opportunity to spend a little more time analyzing before execution with no opponents attempting to distract them. In open sports such as football, the athlete must contend with the actions of another team. Basketball is the example of a sport that’s open most of the time, but closed when a player makes free throws with no one waving hands in their face.

Business executives are, like basketball players, sometimes in an open “sport” and sometimes in a closed “sport”. That is why they must constantly be able to shift awareness as needed. Occasionally they have the time and luxury to write a speech or plan a presentation while at other times they are confronted by the unexpected actions of a competitor – and the clock is always running.

Some executives need to hone their skills at intentional attention shifting in order to stay on top of all possible threats and opportunities. Here is  a simple drill I give my high-performance business executives and athletes to sharpen that skill:

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Keys to Optimizing Your Job Search and Getting Hired

Keys to optimizing your job search and getting hired.

Still less than 20% of all jobs posted are successful filled on job boards, so why would you even consider this strategy?
Cold Calling is an option. If you have identified one or more organizations, that you believe offer the ideal work and environment, but they do not have a position posted, you can cold call.  Using available information, or your network for an introduction, you can send your resume and a cover letter requesting a call or visit to learn more about the company and to introduce yourself for future consideration.  Many businesses will make “opportunity hires” when they meet a great person and know they will have a need, but don’t have an open position quite yet.
We are launching a special webinar series that will cover optimizing your job search and how to get hired. In addition, we will share our insider secrets on how to get noticed quicker.
We literally get thousands of emails and calls a week from job seekers asking us to review credentials. One common theme we see is boring resumes, introductions and quite frankly a waste of email space. “The Game” has changed on how to get in front of people and if you are not playing the “game” correctly, you cannot win. In my free webinar to job seekers, or those looking how to proceed up the ranks, I will share the secrets we have learned after nearly 40 years in his business.
1.    The game has changed
2.    Research
3.    Strategy
4.    The Secret ingredients & “Money Ball”
5.    Focus on the Process
6.    Resumes