74% of Millennials surveyed say they are as comfortable working with other generations as their own.*

While most millennials are happy working alongside other generations, they do recognize tensions. 38% feel that older senior management does not easily relate to younger workers and 34% feel their personal drive could be intimidating to other generations.

These findings create two clear challenges for business leaders:

First, as mentioned before, Millennials are very willing to move on quickly when they feel that their needs are not being met. This will be particularly challenging as the older generations stay in the workplace longer.

Second, Millennials who do stay and rise will soon be managing workers older than themselves creating even more of the resentment that Millennials may currently be sensing. Different generations have always required different styles and tactics, but the massive size of the Millennial talent pool combined with the increasingly complex job market is presenting fresh challenges. Some of the first steps to addressing them include providing more feedback and recognition, building transparent management systems, and instituting policies and rewards consistent with the organizations values and objectives. Strong and strategic leadership is more essential than ever in today’s multigenerational workplace.