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Plan — “I’m going to put a comprehensive plan in place once and for all.”

What’s your resolution for talent acquisition, development and retention? Like most things in our lives, when you start with planning, everything else starts to fall into place. It’s a New Year. And aren’t all Resolutions just little Plans

How planning helps you attract and retain talent: The time to set your business up for competing for top talent is long before a position opens. Attraction and Retention planning should be ongoing and include issues like:

  • Researching competitive benefit packages in your region and industry
  • Budgeting for building, office and equipment upgrades to stay current
  • Designing reward and incentive programs that keep employees engaged


How planning helps you develop leaders: Development planning should address the needs of new hires as well as your rising starts and include:

  • Building feedback loops into your daily workflow so issues don’t wait until annual reviews to be addressed.
  • Customizing education and training to support both your employees’ individual needs and your business’ overall goals.