Our clients have found that it’s critical to develop high-performance managers who can work in rapidly changing, high-pressure environments. This takes more than identifying individuals’ technical talents, you have to know that employees have the psychological skills to excel.

One powerful tool for employee development is the TAIS test. The Attention and Interpersonal Style test provides a benchmark of how well employees will compete when needed– how they think, behave, and react under pressure to perform. With this information, we can determine how to improve and maximize performance in many environments.


How TAIS testing works in the workplace:

  1. First, we profile success in a performance environment.
  2. We increase self-awareness about strengths and weaknesses there.
  3. We offer challenging, “stretching” assignments.
  4. We provide on-going coaching, support, and performance debriefing.


Meet Dr. Nick

At CCY, our TAIS test offering is led by Dr. Nick Molinaro. His clients include players in the NFL, AFL, CFL, NBA, NASCAR, PGA, LPGA, former Olympic Gold and Silver Medal winners, a European Zonal Qualifier for the 2012 Olympics, and NCAA athletes from all divisions. But Dr. Nick’s expertise extends well beyond sports; he consults with numerous Fortune 500 executives to enhance their overall ability to perform when needed.