Some companies handle turbulent times well. Some people handle stress and change well. Here’s a secret. Those companies hired, developed and hold on to those employees. Here are 8 ways you can help build a more resilient team:

  1. Brand the change.You brand your company and your products. You can also position needed change as a welcome challenge that creates opportunity.


  1. Make work meaningful. Employees will be better able to weather any storm if they understand how their work connects to the company’s goals and they have a sense of ownership and pride in their own efforts.


  1. Promote connections. Teams aren’t just great for special projects and functional groupsthey help everyone get through tough times.


  1. Value both grit and goofiness. To keep work flowing no matter what, you want employees who are tough but also have a sense of humor. Both help people rise to challenges and manage stress.


  1. Talk positively. Optimistic language creates a positive, more healthy and hopeful environment for everyone. Positive language goes a long way to creating resilience and strength.


  1. Encourage flexibility. When change is inevitable it’s we who have to adapt. Resilient employees look for creative ways to push through.


  1. Promote healthy habits. Resilience comes from mental and physical health. And that comes from the way we think and live every day.


  1. Be resilient yourself. It’s always important to lead by example, but when it comes to resilience you can’t preach flexibility through clenched teeth.


Resilience is important at all times, not just during times of change. Resilient employees avoid illness, maintain productivity and operate with mental toughness. They are your best assets.