52% of Millennials surveyed value the opportunity for progress above all else.*

College graduates just looking for any job or a first step on the corporate ladder are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Millennials say they want their work to be meaningful and, even more than money, they want to gain new skills that will move them forward in their career. This is a generation with both ambition and optimism for their future.

Balance has always been important, but the scales are shifting further.

Successful business leaders today should focus their recruitment strategies more and more on non-financial rewards. The only way to engage and attract a majority of current graduates is by balancing compensation with sound corporate values, and opportunities to grow and rise in the organization. Highlighting how your company provides new hires with opportunity to develop will attract more Millennial talent and make them feel more valued than salary alone.

Even great benefits don’t match the draw of a positive work environment.

Even though 73% of Millennials surveyed* are attracted to customizable benefit packages, even they don’t consider benefits until their basic pay and work life conditions have been addressed.

* Millennials at work: Reshaping the workplace. PwC 2011