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There is no silver bullet that can make you a good leader overnight. Instead, it requires hard work and persistence to master the skills necessary to realize one’s ambitions and to motivate others to follow suit.

Influential leadership is more crucial than ever in today’s highly competitive, technologically-driven environment. The playing field has grown from basic leadership tactics to more innovative, influential ways of driving an organization forward.

So, what characteristics do good leaders have? And how can effective leadership influence a company’s culture?

Every strong leader possesses three qualities that help them rise above the rest. Continue reading to learn about the essential qualities of a high-performing, driven, successful C-suite executive.

Resilience in the face of adversity

Leaders often face challenges they have to solve on their own. In management, it is important to strike a balance between coming up with a strategy and directing others as they put it into action. If you want to go beyond being a good leader and become an extraordinary one, then you need to develop a mindset of resilience. A leader’s success depends on how well they bounce back from setbacks and maintain or improve performance when the going gets tough.

Communicating concisely, clearly, and confidently

Anyone who wants to make it in the corporate world must master the art of effective communication. However, finding the ideal words to communicate isn’t always enough. Having this quality also implies that you can relate to your team members and deliver on the goals you set in your motivational speeches. An influential leader displays their strengths by communicating with confidence.


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Accountability and responsibility when things go awry

Business owners and leaders must be ready to take the fall when their company makes an oversight. However, being accountable also involves recognizing and appreciating your team members. Acknowledgement and praise, when given appropriately, can have a significant impact on employee morale. A great leader is one who takes responsibility when things go wrong and gives credit where it’s due.

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