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In today’s socially aware climate, it has become even more important for businesses to implement and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. This culture helps employees feel valued and respected, increasing their loyalty and productivity.

Having a diverse team allows businesses to benefit from various skills, perspectives, and strategies. They result in more creative and innovative ways to handle challenging situations.

Therefore, team members learn how to work together more effectively and grow due to being exposed to various perspectives and talents. This blog post covers the importance of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion in HR. So, read on to learn more.


HR’s Role in Implementing and Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Many businesses today are shifting toward remote working and are hiring people across the globe. Hence, it is essential to promote diversity to create a positive work culture and make employees feel valued.

Both employees and customers are becoming aware of the importance of workplace diversity, which makes it a competitive advantage for businesses that value it. Moreover, it enables such businesses to identify and pursue unexplored opportunities.

By fostering an inclusive environment, businesses can concentrate on factors that motivate employees, lower absenteeism, and boost productivity levels.

The question arises: what is HR’s role in workplace diversity? One of the primary responsibilities of HR departments is policy implementation. Therefore, HR professionals can ensure a culture that values diversity, allows all employees to acquire skills and grow, and values their contributions to the business.

Here are a few ways HR teams can influence workplace diversity:


1. Hire a Diverse Staff

Handling the recruitment process is the responsibility of the HR department. They can promote and encourage workplace diversity by hiring diverse staff regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or cultural background.

HR professional should reframe their mindset to accept employees as valuable assets to the organization instead of thinking employees should fit the company culture.

Another way to practice inclusive hiring is to offer jobs to individuals with different backgrounds and experiences. While schooling and other qualifications are the baseline criteria for hiring, competitive businesses are beginning to relax the standards to attract people from a wider variety of backgrounds.


2. Encourage Employee Referrals

Another way HR teams can influence diversity is by creating employee referral programs that incentivize employees to refer diverse team members for different roles. Some businesses also provide more incentives for referring diverse applicants. For example, Intel doubled compensation for referrals from minority groups and women to increase inclusive hiring.


3. Monitor Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Assessing the level of diversity that exists within an organization can be challenging. To solve this problem, HR departments can use audits to monitor diversity. They should do this for recruitment practices and current employees.

There are two ways to assess the diversity level in your organization: one is to ask direct questions about discrimination and fairness, and the other is to ask generic questions regarding diverse practices and cross-check the answers.


4. Ensure Open Communication

You can’t build an inclusive and diverse staff and leave it; it’s a routine everyday practice. Generally, communication is the first step of the process.

While offering diversity training, HR professionals can offer the time and space to explore their emotions, ideas, and thoughts. Moreover, they can use open-ended questions to encourage openness and understanding whenever problems or ideas come up.

It would also help to promote open, honest two-way communication through all mediums (including instant messaging or email). Moreover, there should also be an open-door policy to encourage customers to share fresh ideas and report instances of bullying and harassment.

It is also essential to emphasize that all team members can come to you with their problems regardless of their rank. Also, HR professionals should go the extra mile when showing appreciation to team members for their openness and willingness to share their feelings.


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Importance of Workplace Diversity

Here are ways in which workplace diversity can benefit a business:


1. Enables Faster Problem Solving

Diverse employees come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Therefore, when a problem arises, they bring innovative, creative, and strategic solutions to the table, allowing an organization to make informed decisions. According to a study, 87% of the time, diverse workgroups make better decisions.

Moreover, diverse teams are more socially aware, innovative, and motivated to work together to solve problems.

2. Increases Productivity and Profits

Talented and skilled professionals are more inclined to join an organization known for its diverse and inclusive practices. Therefore, this results in a more efficient and motivated workforce. Ultimately, absenteeism and turnover rates decrease.

According to a study, most job seekers prioritize inclusion and diversity when searching for jobs. Positive work culture and increased productivity combine to increase revenue and profits.


3. Improves Business Reputation

Another benefit of diversity is that it develops the business’s reputation as a socially responsible organization. Therefore, attracting new partnerships, clients, and markets. Additionally, it allows companies to easily attract a diverse pool of employees who prefer working for businesses that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

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Final Word

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