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Company culture is one of the most important factors prospective candidates look at. However, good company culture isn’t just about paying the top salaries, building a break and game room, or amazing food at the company cafeteria. A company’s culture is made up of more than that and is influenced by the people in the organization, especially the leadership.

So, how do we ensure a great company culture? Here are some of our top tips:

Hire The Right People

The first step to building the right company culture is hiring the right people and the right leadership. These individuals enable the change to progress in your organization and carry the values on their backs.

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Building Psychological Safety

You need to develop a culture where you listen to your employees’ suggestions and incorporate their feedback to make the workplace more efficient and inclusive. If you’re experiencing high turnover, your employee culture is not working. So, you need to get to the root of the problem. What’s holding your employees back psychologically? Do they feel safe expressing their concerns, sharing their creativity, or promoting innovation?

Always remember that the most dangerous organization is a silent one. You have to listen to criticism objectively and not be defensive about it. Your people should have the courage to say something and take a stand if something is wrong.

Authenticity Is Crucial

The purpose and value you define for your organization set the tone for your company culture. Every individual, from the board members to the janitorial head, must be held accountable for their actions. This way, you’ll show that you’re committed to upholding your values and will earn the trust of your employees in the process.

Once your employees feel that there is integrity in the leadership they follow, they’ll reinforce their belief in the organization and advance with good purpose.


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